2cvs connecting EU, from 02 to 05 June 2022

Pelješac bridge

2cvs connecting EU, from 02 to 05 June 2022

Dear friends,

thank you again for your application and desire to participate in the meeting 2cvs connecting EU, from 02 to 05 June 2022 in the beautiful south of Croatia!

An interesting and rich program and great fun awaits you.


Visiting newly built Pelješac Bridge

Pelješac bridge

Are you ready for a another unforgettable experience in Croatia?

Dear friends,

you are invited to be part of the international project 2CVs connecting the EU on annual meeting from 2 to 5 June 2022!
Visit newly built Pelješac Bridge with the possibility of crossing it in a colorful 2CV column. Visit Opuzen, the RIO camp, the Neretva delta and other sights and beauties of the southern Adriatic. Participate in the project of connecting the south of Croatia and EU.

Apply by clicking the Application button!

See all the details about the meeting program below.
Applications are open until May 15, 2022.



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2cv Club Croatia

2cv Club Croatia

Croatian 2cv Citroen Club – Club of owners, drivers and sympathizers of Citroens A series models.

Ljudevita Šmidhena 25, 10430 Samobor, Croatia

OIB: 20999873172

IBAN: HR1823400091110872811


Mail: info@2cv.hr

Facebook Fan Page: 23rd 2CV World Meeting 2019 - Croatia

Club has been registered on 10. 09. 1998. under the name: Club of friends of Citroen Cars Croatia as a non-profit organization and citizen organization gathering owners and sypathisers of Citroen's A-series veihchles – 2cv, 2cv AK, Dyane, Acadyane, DAK, Ami 6 and 8, Mehari, Visa Club and HY. Until 01. 03. 2016., club was known under the name Club of friend of Citroen cars Croatia when it changes its name to Croatian 2cv Club, in short, 2cv Club Croatia.

2cv Samobor

The majority of members and 2cv's is located in Samobor, which has been for years an unofficial 2cv capital of Croatia. There, our biggest section, section 2cv Samobor has been keeping the club alive. From 05. 11. 2016., base of the club has be unanimously moved from Sisak to Samobor.
Croatian 2cv Citroen Club is a member of ACI (Amicale Internationa Citroen), international collective of world Citroen clubs, with ist headquaters in Paris.


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2cv Club Croatia

The Amicale Citroën Internationale (ACI) was formally founded in February 2004 in Paris, as the international lobby for all Citroën lovers towards the brand, and upon request by Automobiles Citroën. Informally, this organization has been existing since the late 80s. Established as a self-organized, completely independent organization and non-commercial according to the French Law of 1901, we are not part of Automobiles Citroën or the PSA Group but work in close co-operation with Automobiles Citroën, DS Automobiles and L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS as our partners. Automobiles Citroën granted us the exclusive rights of using their company’s name as a part of the name of our organization and related communication (eg. this website). Furthermore, all parties welcomed us as the only official platform and interface between them and the Citroën and DS clubs worldwide. And in many countries also Panhard clubs are part of the ACI network. In brief, our main objective is to establish and maintain a good contact network amongst the clubs, and between the clubs and the PSA Group parties. Furthermore, we are responsible for selecting and deciding on the “ACI Event Of The Year” which we present to our partners as being most important for their support. Every 4 years, this will be of course the World Meeting of all Citroën, known as International Citroën Car Club Rally (ICCCR). Being promoted by us, the 13th ICCCR in Interlaken/Switzerland in 2004 was the first world meeting officially supported by the manufacturer. The ACI Event of the Year will be announced in our calendar – check it out to read more about the details.