As a final location for the 2cv World Meeting in 2019, we found place Samobor (near Zagreb city, capital of Croatia). We found this location as a perfect one for the several reasons: The place is big enough and consists all the necessary infrastructure it’s only 5 minutes from centar of Samobor, the location is great because it’s very close to the Zagreb (20 km), easy accessible to all participants from the western countries; from Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France for example, and it is also close to our beautiful Adriatic sea (120 km). We can guarantee that we have all needed capacities for perfect arrangement of the 2cv World Meeting 2019. in Croatia. We will also organize two raids: Adriatic raid - on the coast near the Adriatic Sea and Rivers raid - in the outback.


For the past forty years, in its continuous rhythm, one wonderful story has been read. The story is about the love between man and car. About the man who loves the special car or the car loved by a special man… comes to same… the story is still ongoing…


In the past several years, this beautiful story happened for the first time at destinations like Sweden, Czech Republic, Spain and Poland, so we truly believe it will be lovely to tell this story for the first time in Croatia, and we are going to give our best to make it as unforgettable novel that we all will talk about many years after…

Let’s this story be told in Croatia with all of us in same roles!

Croatian story can be told through the guidelines for the adventurists, nature lovers, the people who enjoy the delicious food and drinks. Except the rich cultural heritage, here you can find Croatian delicious cheeses, olive oil, ham (pršut) and other traditional meat and fish dishes, and also drinks like Croatian snaps and wines. We will instruct you how to find 8 National parks, 11 Nature parks, 2 Strict reserves, The Adriatic sea with 1185 Croatian islands, islets, rocks and reefs, beautiful navigable rivers and lakes, mountains, mountain ranges, plains and centuries-old forests. We have an abundance of plant and animal species, archeological sites and speleological discoveries protected by the UNESCO throughout Croatia - and it’s only a part of this story.

About all of this we would like to tell you in city of Samobor the capital town of 2cv lovers in Croatia, only 20 kilometers away from the capital Zagreb and 120 km away from beautiful Adriatic sea.

When we talk about our 2cv story, it is actually a long time story, but officially exists since 1998 when our non-profit association of Citroen friends from entire Croatia has been founded. Our members acted also as members of the former YU-AS Club, which existed in former Yugoslavia.

We have organized many local meetings and raids, and we have read this beautiful 2cv story through the many meetings and trips in Croatia and all over the world.

Our 2cv Pub Fontana in Samobor is the unique one in this part of Europe, where the top quality and still cheap beer is being served, and where our beautiful 2cv story always extends!

You have just heard our story.
Every single one of us has their own 2cv story.
Unforgettable, funny, unique and unusual.
You all remember your first love…we mean your first 2cv and your first rides.
We want you to remember the beauty of the first time in Croatia!
So, see you 2019 in Croatia!