2cv Club Croatia

2cv Club Croatia


From July 26th to 31st 2017, in Ericeira, 45 km from Lisbon, on the Atlantic Ocean, the 22nd 2cv World Meeting was held. According to the official information from the organizer, there were 2,266 vehicles from 30 countries attending the meeting. The largest number of vehicles was from France - 955, while the total from Croatia was 16 vehicles, of which 13 were 2cvs, 2 other Citroens and 1 non-Citroen.

The total number of people from Croatia was 45, of which the youngest was the two-year-old Grga Bašić from Zagreb.

The Croatian 2CV Citroen Club had set a recognizable red tent during the meeting, where visitors received information about the upcoming 23rd 2cv World Meeting which will be held for two years Croatia, more precisely in Samobor.

On Friday, July 28th 2017 was organized so-called “The Croatian 2cv Day”, when in the afternoon all the visitors were offered with schnapps and wine and over 400 portions of beans were served.

In the evening, on the main stage, a promotional video “2cv postcard from Croatia” was presented and a program was organized with all members of the Croatian team. After the projection of the video, for which we received very special praises, our Reggie Barbour perfectly led the program and in interaction with the audience made a show that was crowned by throwing a few Croatian shirts in the public, one of which had a print “free entry”. The happy winner of the T-shirt and the free entrance to the 2cv World meeting in Croatia is Italian, Edmondo from Milan.

For the upcoming 2cv World Meeting in Croatia 212 vehicles were registered, mostly from Germany 48, France 36, Belgium 21 etc.

The Croatian 2CV Citroen Club use this way to thanks to all members of the Club who, first of all, drove a demanding trip of over 3,000 km, unselfishly assisted during the time of promotion of Croatia and Samobor, and to all other participants from Croatia.

Also, thanks to Bizzy from Slovenia who, for the second time (for the first time in Poland in 2015), freely borrowed a red tent for our promotion.

We are thankful to the organizers, the Portuguese, who have provided us with an excellent position for the stand, as well as assistance in the various situations during the meeting. First of all, thanks to Roger and his wife! Obrigado!

The meeting went on in a great atmosphere, and especially active were competitors for the 2021 2cv World Meeting: Swiss, French and Italians. Along with all the efforts that have been made by all of them, Switzerland won the 2cv World Meeting in 2021. Thanks to all of them for an excellent presentation and congratulations to the Swiss!

During the meeting, various games were organized (disassembling the 2cv’s engine, beauty contest, pop cross ride, etc.) and a paragliding ride to the nearby town of Mafra. In the procession of approx. hundred vehicles with representatives of all countries, was also Croatian 2cv!

Last day we took the flag with the chronological list of all host countries of 2cv World meetings since 1975 where was printed Croatia 2019.

Most importantly, all the participants returned safely to their homes after another World meeting, with forty-two years lasting tradition.

The Croatian 2CV Citroen Club, as the organizer of the next meeting, has great honour and a greater obligation to make even a better and more unforgettable meeting.

In any case, see you in Samobor, Croatia in 2019.

In the Photo gallery from Portugal you can see a part of the atmosphere during the 22nd 2cv World Meeting.